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akakuro or kikasa
asked by akashih

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Tip: Do not watch Miracle in Cell no. 7 the day before an interview. You’ll look horrible ESPECIALLY YOUR EYES.

This tip works even better if your interview is for a clothing shop because looks matter.

The people in Uniqlo will surely think I look funny tomorrow :((

It’s been 6 years and I still haven’t accepted Rikkai’s loss in the finals. The same thing will happen again if Rakuzan’s to lose against Seirin.

I’m putting my faith in you, Fujimaki. Please do not disappoint us.

Come, Rakuzan!!

Translation: KnB DRAMA THEATER 3rd GAMES



Translated by Violinic
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I’m sorry I’m late but what the fucking fuck fuck ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TELLING ME THAT THAT IS LEVI’S FULLNAME? I want to cry for various reasons.


I’m so annoyed. These assholes all have colour coordinated phones…
imageAnd then there’s Kise….imageAT LEAST GET A YELLOW CASE, YOU DORK.

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gif from here


after that intense eye contact, I couldn’t stop imagining them doing this



Murasakibara + ponytail

Pandora Hearts? More like PAINdora HURTS.


I hope that after this I am out of the fandom

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