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Bless Hosoya Yoshimasa for being in almost every sports anime out there :))

I have a strong belief that Hanamiya, Himuro and Nijimura are totally gonna be friends if they were all to meet :)))

With Reo trying to make it to their little group. Black-haired ikemen senpais c’mon.

I classified Haikyuu’s characters like this…


The “Mommy and Daddy” ones…image

The “Aaaww baby let me hug you forever, cutie!!” ones…


The “Fuck me” ones…


And Tanaka…





Someone’s not getting a handshake after the Winter Cup.


Not in before the ‘Sousuke’s an asshole’ and ‘he’s just jealous’ posts but whatever.

Competitive swimming is not football or baseball, these kids really only have a couple years to make it on a national level before they can forget about the Olympics altogether. And let’s not forget that that’s what Rin wants, more than anything, to make it to the Olympics. In less than abstract terms: if he’s not way at the top of national rankings by college, that’s that. Sousuke knows this because he has the same goals.

So with all this in mind, try to imagine what the regionals must have looked like to Sousuke. For that matter, try to imagine what Haru must look like to aspiring athletes like Rin and Sousuke, with all that potential and sparks of motivation only every now and then.

Free! is fun and all, but more than that, it’s a really compelling coming-of-age story. If Rin keeps messing around ~*~because friendship~*~ he’ll never make it. If Haru doesn’t make up his mind about swimming competitively now, he won’t have the opportunity to change his mind later. There are no villains or saints here, only a bunch of teenagers struggling with the enormous pressure of having to decide what to do with the rest of their lives, and having to decide right now.

wow tl;dr STOP VILLAINIZING CHARACTERS, what do you think this is, a Bond movie? Seriously.

Why must sports love rivals face-off in front of vending machines?

I’m sorry for the text spam I just really feel so bad and I’m so disappointed right now.

You never fail to disappoint me Fujimaki.

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No matter what bullshit happens, I’m still all for Rakuzan.

Audience? More like Seirin cheer squad.


kick me out of the fandom now



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Trace / Redraw of the Free! Eternal Summer ED because the ED was so cute and I wanted a KnB version of it :’D it looked a lot cuter in my brain. The Japanese written are all names btw (Daiki drew Tetsu and Satsuki).

(Haikyuu version here)

Complete character ranking


Volume 28 brought the complete character ranking, places 11 - 89 are under the cut.


1. Akashi Seijuurou (6276 votes)
2. Kuroko Tetsuya (3505 votes)
3. Takao Kazunari (2539 votes)

4. Kise Ryouta (2392)
5. Kagami Taiga (2288)
6. Midorima Shintarou (1983)
7. Aomine Daiki (1670)
8. Miyaji Kiyoshi (1472)
9. Kasamatsu Yukio (1451)
10. Hanamiya Makoto (1223)

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