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I refuse to believe that this will be last chapter :((

I’m at work but I just had to go to the rest room to silently scream because I can’t believe this.

What am I supposed to live for now??? What should I do now?

I’m sorry but why is Oishi on the list? I’m not saying he’s not good it’s just that there are other players more deserving than him. What about Chitose What about Tachibana? One of the Oshitari cousins maybe? OR SENGOKU? WHY NOT SENGOKU? JUST NOT OISHI. Is that a dummy slot for Tezuka?

Who’s voicing Kisumi? I NEED TO KNOWWWWW

I’m sorry but if the spoilers are bothering you, just go to the upper right side of my blog, the unfollow button’s there. Thanks!

No, Fujimaki, that ultra cute color spread does not off-set all the bullshit you’ve given us throughout the entire finals.

OMG I can’t even begin to appreciate the love I’m receiving right now :( You guys are making me feel better :) THANK YOUUUUU

Anonymous: Nana! Your baby lost :( I hope you're okay.

I’m not okay and I know I won’t be for the next few days. I’ve invested so much in this fandom for me not to feel anything. I am so sad. I believed until the end. I really did but I guess this is really just how things are supposed to be.

It’s been 5 years since Rikkai’s loss and I still haven’t accepted it (especially Yukimura’s match) and I know it will take me an even longer amount of time to accept this.

No. Contrary to popular belief, I do not believe that Akashi is invincible and that he is absolute but I believed in their strength, their desire to win, their desperation (especially Reo’s) and their hardwork.

You’ve fought well, emperors. You’ve fought well. You deserve no less glory, admiration, praise, respect and love. You gave your best.

Anonymous: Team Rakuzan group hug please :((

I’m calling the attention of everyone on the team :)

Anonymous: Rakuzan should've win. We'll stay with them till the end, won't we?

Yes, yes! We’ll stay with the emperor’s :( HUGSSSS 

I’m coming out from my hiding to expess my utter sadness and disappointment brought by KuroBasu.

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No matter what bullshit happens, I’m still all for Rakuzan.

❝if you can’t handle me at my s1, you don’t deserve me at my s2❞

—matsuoka rin probably (via oldworlddilettante)


I know Free! might be confusing to the uninitiated, so I made a helpful table describing the characters:


Bless Hosoya Yoshimasa for being in almost every sports anime out there :))

I have a strong belief that Hanamiya, Himuro and Nijimura are totally gonna be friends if they were all to meet :)))

With Reo trying to make it to their little group. Black-haired ikemen senpais c’mon.